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Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Glenda Project is to provide the capability to rapidly gather previously inaccessible localized microclimate data from altitudes ranging from ground level to over 100,000 feet and to return this data for immediate use. The Glenda Project is mix of adaptable ground stations combined with a reusable sounding rocket delivery system, and rapidly deployable weather balloons which are designed to place instrument packages into areas previously considered to be too hazardous or inaccessible using traditional platforms such as aircraft, helicopters, kites, etc.

The Glenda Project continues to develop an extensive outreach program to the public. We feel that it is important to educate and address changes in our weather environment and to do so with a hands on approach.

Who We Are:

Members of the Board of Directors

John Quigg - Director of Field Research
John brings a unique blend of photographic talent and field instrument deployment talent to the Glenda Project. John will develop and implement the procedures and methods to support the Glenda Project research paths in the field as well as ensuring that all safety conditions can be met for personel.

Timothy Quigg
Media Communications and Public Relations

Tim brings a unique mix of personal background and professional experience to the Glenda Project. Quigg has over two decades of experience in customer service and media relations. He has been the Assistant Editor of Extreme Rocketry Magazine since 2000, as well as a freelance writer of numerous articles for Sport Rocketry Magazine. He is the author of a book on the topic of amateur high power rocketry, and brings 30 years of experience in this field to the Glenda Project. He is a current member of the National Association of Rocketry, and has been the Section Advisor of the Blue Mountain Rocketeers youth model rocketry club for 11 years. He is a 2001 recipient of the National Association of Rocketry's President's Award, in recognition of his work with youth in model rocketry on a national level.Quigg is a highly decorated 24-year veteran of law enforcement, and is currently the Senior Communications Officer at a Southeastern Washington State E911 Communications Center.


David Davis
Launch Operations Director

Dave brings decades of experience from work in private industry and United States government rocketry research, as a Senior Industrial Engineer on the Space Shuttle Program (External Tank), and as a Statistical Consultant for the Aerospace industry. He has long been considered to be one of the leading rocketry experts in the Pacific Northwest region.

Robert Pullman
Long Range Sensor Development

Bob has four decades of experience in communication and the computer industry and his expertise is world renown. His work has enabled governments to formulate policies and legislation in international, national and local forums. He has developed products that are used by universities for seminars, by corporations for internal operations to meet government regulations,by scientists for research work in field and laboratory conditions, by government departments for device operations and maintenance, and by the military for use in battlefield activities.

Janice Pullman (1948 - 2004)

Janice helped establish the program in the fall of 1997. On March 4th of 2004 Janice passed away after a brief illness with acute leukemia. She was known for her work in cancer research and was a co-author of 18 published scientific papers. Her expertise in Science and Medical Technology allowed for the development of new laboratory techniques and procedures which are used by a variety of major research institutions. Her continuous drive to learn and progress has left an indelible mark in the Glenda Project and we continue forward to ensure the lust for knowledge always continues.


Intercept and Support Teams

Eric Coran
Vilonia, AR – First Responder/Videographer

A native of Vilonia, Arkansas and has 9 years of experience with severe weather with many more to come. He is a Volunteer Firefighter, Volunteers with the Red Cross, an Amateur radio operator, and is and now experimenting with telemetry for data transfer. Extensive experience in Tornado alley, as well as, the delta region. He is known for intercepting storms in the Jungle of Arkansas and has had live video shown on KARK 4 and FOX 16 in Little Rock, Arkansas. His video work has also been shown on Storm View Live and TVN Weather. Eric brings to the table a young fresh mind with lots of ideas and room to learn more!


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The Glenda Project
Severe Weather Research Institute

Vilonia, AR; Dayton, Everett, Malo, WA.

Email: glendafacility@gmail.com